Jean-Louis David, French Hairstylist for the Contemporary Woman, Dies at 85

Mr. David was born on March 24, 1934, in Grasse, in southeast France, to a relatives of hairstylists. His mother and father, Marie-Louise (Gérôme) and Raoul David, have been both equally hairstylists his maternal grandmother, Germaine Gérôme, owned a salon in Grasse.

By age 15, Jean-Louis was working along with his father at his salon in Cannes. He later took more than his grandmother’s salon. At 20, he moved to Paris and worked at two large-profile salons, Carita and Gabriel Garland, just before commencing his have.

Mr. David’s marriages to Danielle Henriot-Decomis, Danièle Falke and Lynn Sutherland ended in divorce. In addition to his son Jean-Christophe, he is survived by his wife, Zhenya Xia, an artist a daughter, Sophie David, who, like Jean-Christophe, is from Mr. David’s relationship to Ms. Henriot-Decomis a son, Lindsay, and a daughter, Lesley David, from his relationship to Ms. Sutherland and five grandsons. His sister, Huguette David, died previous year.

In 2017, the Swiss economical magazine Bilan estimated Mr. David’s wealth to be among $100 million and $200 million.

His affect, which went over and above mere aesthetics, lingers, Ms. Falke reported by e-mail.

“His philosophy,” she wrote, was: “A lady should be equipped to comb herself and not arrive to the salon as soon as a week. He liberated the women of all ages!”

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