Kobe Bryant Talks Participating in 1-on-1 With Beyoncé’s Father on Destiny’s Child’s “Bug A Boo” Set

Footage of Kobe Bryant likely 1-on-1 with Mathew Knowles, aka Beyoncé’s dad, recently resurfaced online. The video game concerning them occurred though on the established for Future Kid’s “Bug A Boo” songs video clip, and from what designed it on-line it appeared as while Kobe did not do so hot. Through an interview, the former Lakers player commented on the video clip that Knowles initially shared on his Instagram.

“I don’t keep in mind trash speak. … Well I imagine I did actually,” he responses on getting revealed the clip. “I lied. I assume I did. I consider I was like, ‘Oh yeah, you played basketball. This move’s a lot speedier in particular person, isn’t really it?’ That was enjoyable.” Laughing the clip off, he was then asked how that swift match of theirs even arrived about. “Perfectly, I mean I was on the video established, I was in the movie ‘Bug A Boo,’ and I had recognised Beyoncé and Kelly [Rowland] for a long time,” he described.

“Our professions have been parallel tracking, I was just setting up to try out to come into my own, they had been trying to do the very same matter,” he ongoing. “We ended up variety of ascending at the same time, so I was in the video clip and Mathew was talking about how he plays ball and all this, that, and the other. There was a good deal of downtime, and you know I had a large amount of vitality so I’m like, ‘Well, let us just hoop.'”

As for how he fared against Bey’s father, he said, “I really don’t keep in mind him scoring one more basket after that.” Implying that Mathew Knowles intentionally minimize the clip to clearly show sections the place he was accomplishing his finest, he stated, “I believe that he posted the a person that he scored. But, yeah I indicate, I experienced to be wonderful a minor little bit.”

Regardless of playfully brushing off that one particular layup Knowles managed to bag, he did compliment his talents. “The left, ideal, he set a very little English on it…I mean, the jab action, it was genuine, appropriate?”


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