Understanding the Korean Hierarchy in Your School and In Korea All All-around You (Section II)

In the former write-up (part 1) we appeared at the theory of how the Korean hierarchy functions. This program applies during all of Korea, not just in Seoul. It also applies to any business enterprise, faculty or private hagwon by South Korea. The chain of command is pretty significant if you want to get along with your co-workers, bosses and the prime fellas who employed you so you can indication on a 2nd 12 months or have a great reference letter to move on to businesses again household when you leave South Korea.

Instance # 1

Say SMOE asks you during an job interview for suggestions for next yr&#39s English program, you may well hahazardly point out one thing about your university that accuses your college in some oblique way of executing something that SMOE does not concur with. The SMOE agent you&#39re chatting to will ask you a couple additional questions and seldom use that information and facts towards the principal and vice principals at your get the job done in the long term when they do opinions for your school.

It&#39s not truly your fault since you did not have any terrible intentions. In this instance you have broken the chain of command. If your faculty finds out by means of you or any person else that you described items about it at a assembly that either was not your area to inform or did not need to be acquired up they will resent you for it. They&#39ll see you as a tale-bearer who could lead to challenges afterwards on. I&#39m not suggesting that this very simple slip-up (ideally) could get you exported, but it does set the odds versus you, so be mindful what you say in your dialogue with SMOE or recruiters when you&#39re talking about another person else who is earlier mentioned you.

Instance # 2

Now permit&#39s say you&#39re unwell and you can not occur to get the job done for 4 days. The first particular person who will discover out about this the English co-instructor who is in cost of you. Anyone has just one, this is the particular person who receives the email messages from SMOE and passes them on to you.

Retain in head that the English co-trainer sitting down up coming to you is going to be knowledgeable of your 3 or 4 days of illness and they&#39re going to chat to the head teacher and the vice-principal. Are they heading to talk to the principal? No. Will the principal know about it? Maybe. Will the principal get concerned? Likely not, absent from asking you how you are accomplishing.

This is the way it ought to be. The vice-principal does not want to glimpse poor by finding the principal involved. Just like your principal does not want to get SMOE associated simply because it helps make them look bad (not carrying out a good career) and jeopardizes their close of calendar year advertising. Bosses normally promote men and women below them and if they do not the regular perform a role in offering suggestions to all those who do the promotion.


In no way leap extra than one level in the chain of authority. If you have a trouble with a co-trainer, go see him or her and test to fix the issue with them initial. Do not go talking about your co-staff or co-instructors to other employees at your college. Likewise if you have a problem with the vice-principal&#39s policies pertaining to what you are allowed to do at your college, do not go complaining to the principal, or worse however to somebody decrease in the Korean hierarchy like the head teacher.

Constantly try to remember that while these policies are incredibly cleanse to me at my university, I see them play a purpose in my Korean friends&#39 positions in other companies that are positioned equally within and outside Seoul.

Source by Daniel E Massicotte

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